Instructions for the Upheaval Event

What is Upheaval?

Upheaval is a launch event for a new 7-part Discover Bible School course called Focus on Daniel. Our church will host Upheaval on October 28 at 7 PM.

At the event, we will invite people to sign up for in-person study groups. Each person who signs up will be given the first two lessons of Focus on Daniel and a quiz sheet. They should study the lesson and bring the completed quiz with them to the study group.

A youth and an adult study group will meet at the church at 8 PM Friday nights and 6 PM Saturday nights during November. Each night will cover a different lesson from Focus on Daniel. Study groups can also meet in homes.

During study group meetings, students will review their answers to the quiz, share what they have learned, and receive the next lesson. We encourage students to take time to enjoy light refreshments and get to know other members of their group when they meet, but not to drag meetings out. It's better to have consistent short meetings than try to cram everything into one long meeting.

The last Saturday in November we will have a graduation ceremony at the church for those who complete the course.

We would like the whole church to be involved in this event. No one can do everything, so please read prayerfully about the ways you can help and decide which you will do.

Promoting the event

Invitation cards are available at church from the pastor or any of the elders. Fill out the date (October 28, 2023), time (7 PM), and location (1435 Gilmore Avenue, Lakeland) before you hand them out.

Digital sharing kit

Share a link to the official event page on our site. Share the Facebook event.

Images for sharing on line
Printable flyer


Watch the event on YouTube so you know what to tell people about it.

Helping the church study groups

  • Pick up a set of Focus on Daniel lessons ahead of time to be ready to lead discussions and grade answer sheets. Lessons are available from the pastor or any of the elders.
  • You can sign up for the refreshments committee. See Tania Brady.

Hosting a home study group

If you would like to host a study group in your home, bring a sign-up sheet and invitation cards with your address on them for as many people as you can accommodate with you to the event on October 28. Give a copy of the sign-up sheet to Kathy Miller for the Discover Bible School records.

You can use 3×5 cards or print one of these two beautiful designs for your invitation cards.






If someone is on line, you can ask right now, or join our WhatsApp group.

Otherwise leave a comment below and we will respond as soon as we can.

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