Reopening update

We are having a limited reopening on July 11. There will be no Sabbath School program at the church. We are asking that no one seek to enter the building before 10:40 am, as the doors will not be unlocked until then, and that no one stay later than 12:10 pm, as the doors will be closed and locked at that time.

No one will be allowed in without a mask or with a temperature greater than 100.5ºF. Be prepared to have your temperature recorded as you drive in. Leave a car width between you and the next vehicle when you park. Please follow marked traffic patterns when entering and leaving the building.

Drinking fountains will be turned off and covered, so bring your own water. No more than two individuals or one family should be in the bathrooms at the same time.

A photo of those present will be taken during the service to be used for contact tracing if someone is later diagnosed with COVID-19.

Families will be seated six feet apart. Those who have reservations will be seated first. To make a reservation, text the number of people in your group to Pastor Mark. We will stream video of the service for those who cannot attend in person.

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